CT Birthday

CT Birthday 2.0

Keep track of people's birthdays


  • Lots of alert options
  • Add text notes to entries
  • Customizable alarms


  • Won't send the cards for you!

Very good

I'm forever forgetting people's birthdays and this often lands me in hot water when friends and family don't get their presents in time.

Of course, I've got a diary with birthdays in it but I never remember to check it. One solution for people like me is to install CT Birthday on your Windows Mobile Smartphone and let the software remember everyone's birthdays and other important dates so you don't have to.

I was genuinely impressed with the presentation of CT Birthday and the ease in which it allows you to set up birthday reminders. Adding a date is simply a matter of entering a name and date of birth, plus the type of date it is (birthday, anniversary, or other date). You can add names quickly from your contacts or enter one manually. What's more, the program lets you attach text notes to each person, which might be good for jotting down present ideas.

Once the person is added you can choose how and when to be alerted and there are a lot of options to choose from. You can select the type of alarm (vibrating, increasing, sound etc.) and choose when to be reminded about it from a list of present timescales. You can select a system sound or browse to an audio file on your device and use this to alert you.

The interface is fairly plain, although there are nice little on the date list that indicate whether it's that person's birthday, anniversary or other. Perhaps it would've been nice to have present ideas listed on this screen so you remember at a glance what you're going to get everyone.

On the whole though, this is a very comprehensive and cleanly-presented birthday tracker.

Home-plugin New event type - High Day Sending SMS / Opening Contacts


  • Home-plugin New event type - High Day Sending SMS / Opening Contacts

CT Birthday is a useful utility that allows organizing your personal list of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. It tracks events and reminds you of forthcoming birthdays or anniversaries before they occur.

Birthdays and anniversaries are important. CT Birthday allows avoiding the embarrassment of forgetting an important date. Use this birthday reminders program to stay in touch!

CT Birthday


CT Birthday 2.0

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